Laindon School Uniform Bank

Thank You For Wanting To Donate To Our Project !!

We are so grateful for every donation received, so much good uniform goes to landfill every year when it could be making a massive difference to someone else.

We have 2 ways people can donate:

  • When we are open on a Saturday morning (fortnightly) 10am-12pm

  • Via our donation drop off box at Laindon Baptist Church

 We have a donation drop off box outside Laindon Baptist Church, It can be found next to the white double doors (see photo).

The address is:

Laindon Baptist Church,

High Road

(Corner of St David's Road)

Langdon Hills

SS16 6EY

Monday - Friday 8am-3.45pm

Please DO NOT leave anything AFTER 3.45pm as we may not receive it.

Thank you Laindon Baptist Church we really appreciate your help 💙.