Laindon School Uniform Bank

March 2020

We are featured in the new edition of Basildon Council's "Together" magazine....

Thank you so much to everyone involved we are very honoured to have been asked!!

We couldn't do it with out our Volunteers, Laindon Community Centre and everyone in the local community !!

We would also like to say a special thank you to Kirsty O'Callaghan Head of Strengthening Communities at Essex County Council.

November 2020

We made it into the November Issue of Community Connection! Produced by The Basildon, Billericay & Wickford Volunteer Network.

Thank you so much for asking us to be a part of this month's magazine .

We are so pleased that the word is spreading about our project.

Note: *We accept donations on our fortnightly Saturday morning sessions between 10am-12pm.

19th November 2021

Radio 2 Mention:

Families will save money on school uniforms from next year, following new legally-binding guidance published today (Friday 19th November) requiring schools to make uniform affordable for all.

Some amazing news for parents everywhere with the new government guidance regarding the costs school uniform!!

We also had a wonderful suprise when we received a shout out from Man Behaving Dadly By Simon Harris on Radio 2 today..... The team were thrilled to bits !

Thank you Simon we appreciate the kind words!!

Man Behaving Dadly By Simon Harris

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‘Uniform shops are like a cartel off The Sopranos.’

I was on Jeremy Vine’s show on BBC Radio 2 today talking about the expense of school uniforms.

AUDIO: BBC Radio 2

10th March 2022

The team were completely thrilled and extremely honoured to be amongst the nominations for the 2022 Volunteers Group/Project Of The Year in the Volunteer Awards for Basildon Borough.

We were nominated by people from the local community.

Our volunteer Katrina Tighe & Co-Founder Cassie Bloomfield enjoying the evening, celebrating all the amazing and inspirational volunteers / Charities from the area!!

Greatest Hits Radio Online Article:

In July 2022, we were asked by the Greatest Hits Radio Station to comment on the cost living crisis and the demand we've seen within the uniform bank recently.

Our volunteers Sue Dulwich and Tracey Breach sat down with Alice.

31st August 2022

We were invited by BBC Essex Radio to speak about our amazing Uniform Bank.

Cassie was frilled to be invited to chat with Kath and talk about the recent increase for demand, what we do and the generosity we have received from our local community.

Click the link below to listen if you'd like to find out what was said:

2nd September 2022

Following on from the BBC Essex Radio interview a wonderful online article was also posted .

We are so pleased that people are talking about the ridiculous cost of new uniform, plus the benefit to the environment for considering pre loved clothing!

Below is the BBC Essex link if yow would like to know more.

Some facts are slightly wrong,

*its was 2000 items to 180 familes in 1 week ( 2 sessions) and we have been open for 3 years , either way it's a lovely write up.

September 2022

Our local Evening Echo newspaper produced a wonderful article for to celebrate our 20,000 item being handed out plus the return to school chaos and the ridiculous cost of new uniform and the benefit to the environment.

If you would like to read more click below:

June 2023

Greatest Hits Radio Online Article:

In June 2023, we were asked by the Greatest Hits Radio Station to comment on the cost of uniform and the demand we've seen within the uniform bank recently.